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This is a Community Capital Fund (CCF) -approved and -supported project that was awarded a CCF Neighborhood Opportunity Grant because of the impact it will have in building neighborhood capacity and revitalizing our community. CCF has awarded the Palestine Neighborhood Development Corporation a total of $20,000 for the Palestine Neighborhood Coordinated Engagement Partnership project where 75% of the award ($15,000) is provided as seed funding for the crowdfunding campaign. It’s up to supporters like you to contribute 10% ($2,000) so they can receive the 10% match ($2,000) from Cerner and the 5% bonus (or $1,000) from CCF. Thank you for supporting this impactful project!


What is the Coordinated Engagement Partnership Project?

Palestine Neighborhood Coordinated Engagement Partnership will bring community members together to create the neighborhood's future, focusing on affordable housing rehabilitation and youth development initatives. Partners are the Palestine Neighborhood Development Corporation, University of Missouri Extension, and University of Missouri Kansas City Institute for Human Development. 

Goal 1

The partnership will revitalize the Palestine Neighborhood Development Corporation (PNDC), the community's primary organization for redeveloping the neighborhood.


        a. Revisit and refresh the organization's vision and mission.
        b. Establish and implement leadership transition/succession plan.
        c. Establish and follow strategic plan for community benefit and organizational stability.

Goal 2

Increase community engagement and participation.


       a. Significant increase in resident participation in neighborhood activities.
       b. Significant increase in resident participaion in neighborhood leadership roles.

Goal 3

Complete redevelopment projects.


PNDC led neighborhood improvement projects with significant resident participation.

Goal 4

University of Missouri Extension establishes concentrated programs in Palestine Neighborhood.


At least three educational programs serving the neighborhood established from offered areas: 4-H youth development, senior living, human development and family issues, urban gardens, nutrition and health, housing, personal finance, business development and community emergency management.

Goal 5: PNDC leadership and residents will demonstrate learned skills in project design and implementation.

PNDC will design and implement community-based projects in the areas of affordable housing, youth development, and community maintenance.

Why is this project important for the neighborhood and entire city?

The Palestine Neighborhood Coordinated Development Partnership is a new approach to old, difficult problems that plague the urban neighborhoods of Kansas City and most other large cities. It places the control of redevelopment squarely in the hands of community residents and lowering the reliance on others. This pilot project will, in addition to accomplishing the identified goals and outcomes, show other neighborhoods a low-cost, effective approach to taking control of their own destinies. The approach will be replicated and expanded into other neglected substandard neighborhoods, changing the way redevelopment is viewed and undertaken in the Kansas City region.

How can I help?

Mr. Thomas Bibbs, President of the Palestine Neighborhood Development Corporation, invites you, if you can, to visit the neighborhood and meet the people that are undertaking this project. We invite you to make a small investment in the community's future through this campaign by choosing one of the contribution levels located on this site. PNDC will provide you with a small token of our thanks in the form of the perks described for each level of giving.

Where is the Palestine Neighborhood?

Palestine Neighborhood is located in Kansas City, Missouri and is bounded on the north by Linwood Blvd, 39th Street on the south, Indiana Avenue on the west and Jackson Avenue on the east. The neighborhood has a little over 2200 residents.

What is the Palestine Neighborhood Development Corporation?

PNDC has been in existence for over 30 years, and has a rich history of working to improve the quality of lives in the Palestine Neighborhood. It is the primary redevelopment organization in the community, and is resident owned and operated. Our existing leadership has a wealth of institutional knowledge and organization management skills. Primarily a volunteer operation, we rely on the skills, knowledge, and energy of our community volunteers. Recognizing that the average age of our board members is 60, we are implementing the PNCEP to attract emerging community leaders with needed skill sets, energy, and other capabilities to lead the organization and the neighborhood forward.

Partnership with University of Missouri Extension

Extension faculty will work with us to assess our present capabilites and address identified deficiencies through education, training, mentoring, and where necessary - oversight. Education/training provided by Extension's faculty may include, but not be limited to, organizational development, strategic planning, fiscal administration, grant and contract administration, housing redevelopment, business development, financial literacy, youth and family programming, and health and nutrition programming. This program will grow our capacity to administer this and future community investments.

Extension faculty trains and supports local people to contact residents and establish relationships built on trust and then encourage and empower residents to identify felt and real needs. Residents are then mobilized based on their own self-interests to work together to address those needs. This process teaches critical thinking and social and organizational skills. Leaders emerge as they participate in community projects and programs. Early particpation in relatatively small-scale, simple projects evolves into longer term participation, working on more complex programs. Emerging leaders' skill sets grow along with the scope and difficulty of projects and programs.



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